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Pune WordCamp LogoIt’s been a couple weeks since the GoFundMe met its goal, so I thought I’d give an update.  We raised almost $400 more than I was looking for, which is great, because there were some unexpected expenses.  I got my plane ticket, and instead of $1400 it was about $1570.

I also didn’t realize ahead of time that I’d need a visa, and that’s about $400 total once everyone involved gets paid.  There’s also the issue of time for the visa.  I’ve already started the process, and it’s supposed to only take 5-7 business days, so I can’t imagine it’ll be a problem. I’m glad I figured it out now though.

For those going through something similar, I found a local travel agent who is helping me talk to the embassy in Chicago and make sure all my papers are right for a VERY affordable fee.  I was quite surprised, and I highly recommend it.

The only thing I have left to do is get a hotel.  I’m looking pretty hard at the O Hotel right now.

It’s all coming together and it’s very exciting!

UPDATE: Got my hotel room!

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