This week’s essay from Aditya Kane is particularly interesting for me because he’s not a developer.  As a developer myself it’s very easy for me to find other developers to contribute, but harder to find people who do other things.

I tend to think of “making a living with WordPress” as only coming from development, but there are so many other ways.  He happens to be a writer, but there are also project managers, translators and dozens of other professions that exist inside the WordPress ecosystem.

WordPress garnered respect for Aditya in a community that COULD be dominated by developers.  As a writer he’s been accepted as an equal contributor, which is fantastic.

As always, we have a forum set up over at WPChat, so please let Aditya know how his essay has impacted you.

Aditya Kane reclining slightly backward in a chair, wearing glassesWordPress, My Passport To Open Source

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