How WordPress enabled me to take care of my baby without compromising on my career goals

Hello everyone! 👋

Since my first essay on HeroPress, there have been many changes in my life. But there are two things that remained constant – WordPress and rtCamp. 😇

Working Remotely

Three years back, I got married and had to relocate to Delhi, from Pune. Thanks to WordPress and rtCamp’s remote work culture, I didn’t have to worry about looking for a new career.

It’s been more than 3 years since I have been working remotely with rtCamp. And having a work-life balance would not have been possible without WordPress.

Juhi and her baby

Taking care of my little one without compromising career goals?

A lot of surveys indicate that a high percentage of women quit their job after having a baby. Even the ones who continue to work, face a guilt of leaving their babies at home or at a daycare. Thanks to WordPress and my company rtCamp, I didn’t have to face this trauma. 😃

The remote work culture turned out to be a blessing when I got pregnant. I could take care of myself by staying in my comfort zone (home).

One may perceive that a remote job means a freelance job, which is not true. I have a full-time regular job and all the employment terms apply to this. Because of the flexible parental policy, offered by rtCamp, I got maternity leaves of 6 months.

This perk made my motherhood journey much more beautiful 😘😘. I can feed my baby girl whenever she is hungry, I can play with her whenever I want, I can see her growing every second. What else can a mother desire?

Remote jobs seem to be very promising and advantageous for women, especially for moms. Mothers no longer need to worry about leaving their little ones at home. I, as a mother, am very thankful to WordPress

BTW, rtCamp is always hiring! Head over to the careers page to check out the current openings! 🤗