Growing Up With WordPress

Hey gang, I’m Sophia DeRosia, I’m 14 years old, I’m homeschooled, and I’m here to tell you my WordPress story.

I grew up with WordPress. My entire life my dad, Topher DeRosia, worked with WordPress. At one point a couple years ago he tried to convince me to create a blog, and I had originally said no, but maybe a year or two later Erin Go Blog was born and I started my long journey with WordPress.

My first WordCamp was in Grand Rapids and my family had decided to help out with it. It was awesome, we did that twice and attended once. I believe my first WordCamp that I attended was actually in Chicago which was also, yes, awesome. I met a lot of great people there, they all made me feel welcome even though I was only eleven or twelve at the time.

I have NEVER felt like people in WordPress talk down to me or think of me as a five year old just because I’m a kid.

Last night my mom was asking me some questions for this essay and one of them was “How has WordPress changed you?” And that one took me a minute to answer. I didn’t really know how WordPress itself had changed me, but then I thought about the people I had met, those who have taught me, and the support I’ve always felt. It was the WordPress community that really changed me.

Being a kid in WordPress has definitely benefited me. Being around adults so much I’ve learned how to talk to them, I’m not afraid to talk to adults or ask for help, and I’ve made some awesome friends that I know I can count on. I also have some really good job options, whether it’s designer, developer, or business. Having my own blog has helped me with writing as well. I may not have a deep passion for it but I certainly like it and may not have known that if I hadn’t had a blog.

I’ve loved seeing how the WordPress community has become more kid friendly. It’s a safe, fun environment for kids and it’s only becoming more so. I’ve loved seeing how WordPress has grown and changed over the years I’ve been using it. So to parents out there who have kids that may be a designer, developer, or business aficionado I recommend WordPress.

WordPress is a fun, easy way to open your kids up to many options for their future.

And to the kids out there who are interested in WordPress, WordCamps aren’t the only way to learn it. All over the world they have meetups where you can ask questions and meet some cool people, and there are countless other ways to learn it.

If you think WordPress may be the way you want to go then try it. You don’t have to stick with it but at least try it, I guarantee you will make some great friends like I have and learn lots.

Have fun on your adventure!