Becoming Aware Of Accessibility

I’ve been aware that my web site needs to be accessible to the blind since almost the beginning of my development career.  Back then web sites were all text anyway, and that kind of accessibility was pretty simple. With the advent of images, tables, and frames, things got pretty crazy, making web sites completely unusable for…


The Voices Of The Young

This week begins a three week series on HeroPress of essays from people younger than 20.  Someone wise pointed out that these aren’t necessarily stories about “the periphery” of WordPress.  I’m choosing to go ahead with them though, because I think this is definitely a thin margin in the WordPress community, and one that we want…

Essays | Speakers

Never Give Up

I first met Rafael Ehlers at PressNomics this last spring.  I’d already met some of his co-workers from MailPoet, and he already knew who I was from talking to them, so we had common ground right off the bat. We didn’t get much time to talk then, but we’ve talked a bunch on Slack ever…


Chris Lema on HeroPress

I’m excited to present Chris Lema’s thoughts on why he wants to speak for HeroPress.  He brings a wealth of experience to us, and I appreciate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP-E2hCo_Vg If you like what we’re doing, please contribute to our Kickstarter.


Saurabh Shukla on HeroPress

Yesterday I got to chat with Saurabh on Skype.  I only met him a few days ago, but was encouraged by how quickly he wrapped his head around what HeroPress is doing.  His talk is going to be amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myNDE1D8ElI


Another Speaker Exchange

Alexander Gounder has been a strong supporter of HeroPress from the very first time I spoke to him, and has been excited about speaking. Sadly the time required to be the lead organizer for WordCamp Mumbai has made it very stressful for him to try to do both. Quite happily his friend Saurabh Shukla is…


Zé Fontainhas Extended Interview

The video I posted yesterday was actually a small portion of a longer interview.  Zé had some great things to say about where he came from, and how the polyglots program works.  If you’re interested at all in working with other languages in WordPress I highly recommend watching this one as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=921nvVMf5ww